Natural Laundry Soap & Laundry Softener

First, I didn’t wake up New Year’s Day thinking about laundry, but having clean clothes is a great way to begin the new year, doncha think? More to come about 2010, but for now…here’s the magic of how to turn dirty laundry into pHresh laundry, and (at some level) really enjoy it!!

It doesn’t matter at my house whether the clothes belong to my baby grandaughter or her 13 year old uncle (my son), everyone’s clothes are treated to the same clean, natural, pHresh, soft treatments!

Over the years I’ve perfected my laundry soap and softening to a fine art, LOL, well at the very least, soft clean clothes without static cling, colors which remain bright, and whites that are white without bleach!

Maraline’s Laundry Genie’s

My Laundry is Clean, my colors bright, my whites, white!

I use a 50/50 ratio (1/2 cup equivelant of each)  natural liquid laundry soap (your choice) and baking soda, with the following exceptions:

  1. Towels – 2/3 cup Baking Soda*, 1/3 cup equivalent natural laundry soap, plus 1/2 cup of Hydrogen Peroxide
  2. Fine fabrics – Baking Soda Only
  3. Whites – I add hydrogen peroxide* instead of bleach

My Laundry is Soft, Fresh & Lovely

I use white vinegar* (least expensive) as by base  fabric softener, I add  it to my dispenser (if you don’t have a dispenser, you may add to your dispensing ball). Optional of course, but when I have them, I use essential drops for that hint of scent. NOTE: If you love your softener, you can still use it, try 1/2 of what you normally use and fill the rest with white vinegar – keeps everything nice and clean in your washer as well!

  • Pour the vinegar* into a one quart squeeze bottle (or not), add essential oil drops (your choice, I use lemon, orange, lavender, and a variety of others, sometimes mixing many), until you can smell the heavenly scent through the vinegar.
  • Alternatively, soak a sponge in the vinegar/essential oil solution and squeeze back into the vinegar solution (which means you keep this in a covered tupperware container versus a squeeze bottle), and then toss damp sponge into the dryer for each load.

Maraline’s bonus hint for dishes – White vinegar works incredibly well in your dishwasher as a water softener and my glassware is spotfree.

Laundry Essentials – *Baking Soda, Vinegar, and Hydrogen Peroxide can be bought for pennies at the big box stores like Sams, Costco, sometimes Walmart, etc.

So clean laundry for the new year? Absolutely! Enjoy and take those saved dollars and replace all those lost socks, LOL!

About Maralinehttp://www.pHBodyBalance.comMaraline is internationally recognized as a pH Body Balance and Nutritional Products Specialist, and has written many related articles, appears on radio and guest speaks at many events. "Small Changes That Make The Biggest Difference" in the quality of your life. AND...."Let's not "substitute" but let us "replace," with better tasting foods and drinks that are better for you, and most importantly, provide better results!" "Your body has intelligence, point it in the right direction, and YOU will follow!"

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