Slow Cooker Roasted Veges

Roasted Veges (Options to make a whole meal at end of recipe)

5 potatoes quartered

5 carrots washed, trimmed (not skinned), chunked

5 parsnips washed, trimmed (not skinned), chunked

2 onions, halved then halved again (don’t separate)

1 turnip or rutabaga (optional, I like rutabaga), skinned, quartered

1/4 cup EVO (extra virgin olive oil), cold pressed please

1 T Himalayan, Real Salt, OR Celtic Salt

1 tsp pepper

Wash and dry all the veges, yes dry with paper towel please.

Place EVO and spices in a gallon size Zip Lock Bag. Oh, and of course feel free to add your own spices, I prefer just the unbleached salt and pepper. Squish it all together so spice is evenly distributed. Add all the dryed veges, toss until everything is evenly coated.

Pour it all into your slow cooker, turn on HIGH for 4 hours (maybe 4 1/2 if your cooker is smaller than 6 quarts) – OR, all day (or all night) on LOW, if you need to jump to work, or sleep:)

THAT IS IT. Serve with a nice fillet of salmon (grilled of course), or eat alone, either way, deliciously roasted like mama used to make in the oven!

PS – Do not add any liquid.

For a complete meal: If you eat poultry, you can wrap in each piece of poultry in foil or parchment paper, then place them in bottom of slow cooker before you add the veges, really! We tried this with fish and it came out a bit dry. We tried with a turkey and it worked incredibly well.

Here’s how: Make a square of aluminum foil (parchment paper works as well) about 12 inches square at least, center your piece of poultry in the middle (frozen or thawed), add sauce of choice (we used BBQ on turkey), then bring two sides together and fold down, wrapping under the piece of poultry. It’s completely encased. Place up to 4 pieces wrapped this way on the bottom of the slow cooker (must have 6 quart to fit 4 pieces). Let it go, it is all ready at the same time. A little of the sauce from the poultry may eek out, but really, isn’t that what roasting is all about anyway? pHabulous!

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