Nasal Washing Made Easy – For Real!

Watch this stunning video about nasal washing, and if you are like me you’ll roar with humor and be filled with relief that FINALLY someone figured out a way to perform this unsavory task with EASE and EFFICIENCY!

Nasal Washing Made Simple

Allergies, Throat Clearing, Sinus Pressure, Sinus Headaches, Sinus Drip, Congested Sinus’, and the list goes on….are all good reasons to watch this video.

At my house we add liquid silver to the mixture for both preventive and to act as a body friendly way to go after any and all incoming (existing) bad micro-organisms.

 I use this as one of our “daily in the shower” tools. My grandson (age 4) who has some kind of nasal drip going on, preferred nasal washing over the sink morning and before bedtime while he was staying with nana and papa. My son (age 14), prefers nasal washing occasionally, or as needed, but surely I’ll wrangle this into his daily personal care – LOL.

Tip for morning headaches:  Nasal wash over the sink right  before bedtime, I had immediate results – no morning headache!

TIP – For Sinus Pressure I apply a “sinus mask” and “eye mask”. Here’s how:   Face: I make a paste of Living Clay and water (3 parts pure water (or aloe), 1 part clay, please reserve in covered container). Apply across bridge of nose, extending across cheeks and also forehead. Eyes:  Black tea bags (wettened with warm/hot water, not completely squeezed out), applied to each eye. Sit back with your sinus mask and eye mask – 15-20 minutes. To extend the life of this mask, moisten a hand towel with warm /tepid water, wring out almost all the way, fold and apply over entire face. This will keep the clay and tea bags moist (allow it to work longer). Bigger Tip – Best done while soaking in a tub of clay and epsom/magnesium salt:) LOL.

FOR THOSE WITH EXTRA TIME: If you run out of sachets or dont’ purchase extra sachets of salt/bicarbonate, a similar (homemade) formula  is a mixture of unbleached sea salt and baking soda (we use Himilayan Salt ground fine and organic baking soda), then we add 1/2 oz of silver – this makes up the 8 0z nasopure bottle. Diluted by 1/2 for children’s size nasopure bottle.

Simple enough, and I love combining things – for example, this is one

Enjoy, have fun, and know that sometimes remedies are really prevention, which is why it’s always about pH Body Balance!

About Maralinehttp://www.pHBodyBalance.comMaraline is internationally recognized as a pH Body Balance and Nutritional Products Specialist, and has written many related articles, appears on radio and guest speaks at many events. "Small Changes That Make The Biggest Difference" in the quality of your life. AND...."Let's not "substitute" but let us "replace," with better tasting foods and drinks that are better for you, and most importantly, provide better results!" "Your body has intelligence, point it in the right direction, and YOU will follow!"

4 thoughts on “Nasal Washing Made Easy – For Real!

  1. I am glad to see others finding nasopure as well. I have asthma and sllergies so I tried neti pots and did not like them. I stuck with the premixed bottles because I did not know of anything else out there. My 5 yr old son(4 at the time) has Cysitc Fibrosis and significant sinus disease. After 2 sinus surgeries and 2 weeks of IV antibiotics due to highly infected sinuses it was now more important than ever to find a good nasal wash. We were told by the dr’s that this would keep his sinuses clean and and kill and bacteriea that tried to settle. Neti pots were to hard for him and already mixed presureized sprays were not comfortable. He fought them both. I did some research and found nasopure and it is like gold. He does his nasal wash without any issue and with very little help. We are seeing much healthier sinuses and hope this prevents further infections and surgeries.
    God Bless

    • Nasopure has been a tremedous blessing. I found it by researching on the internet. My 5 yr old son had 2 sinus surgeries last fall and needed to start a sinus wash. Neti pots and pressurized sprays did not fit the bill and those were the only things recommended by the dr’s. He is able to use the wash himself with no arguements. Good luck and God Bless.

  2. I can attest that nasopure is at easy as it looks. I use it for allergies and my 5 yr old son uses it after 2 sinus surgeries. He can do the wash with very little help.

  3. I have used the Nasopure system for years and I love it! I couldn’t have survived my recent pregnancy without it! Talk about sinus headaches!

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