Lemon Orzo & Basmati (mock rice-a-roni)

Don’t we all love a Rice A Roni type of side dish? Sometimes I’ll toss in steamed veges , perhaps a bit of fish, and make this a main meal:)

Basmati Rice and Orzo

Fresh melon is also a nice touch along side this rice dish.

You will see suggestions for personalizing with different spices or your own add-in ingredients below – this is one of those “make it your own” side or entree!




3 cups of vegetable broth (prepared or 3 Tbl of unchicken broth)

1/4 cup of orzo

1  cup of basmati rice (I prefer basmati from India)

3 Tbl  EVVO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil, cold pressed)

2 tsp Lemon Zest (grated rind of washed lemon)

2 tsp unbleached sea salt (I use Himalayan)

1/4 med lemon squeezed into your hand to catch seeds (natural sieve)

Add-in Ingredients Options: Pine Nuts, Seeds, Small pieces of veges. Sometimes I will chop raw veges up and toss in 5 min before serving and it should be noted that small grated is always good as well.

Add-in Spice Suggestions (10 min before serving) : Dried or fresh herbs, unbleached sea salt and pepper, paprika, and/or spice blends depending on what you are serving. Sometimes saffron is perfect!

Directions & Tools (wide wooden fork and heavy based pan with tight lid)

Heat 2 Tbl (of the 3 Tbl) EVOO hot enough to toss in orzo and cause a sizzle, stir it around for a few minutes, when it’s nice and hot again, stir in lemon zest, then add basmati rice and mix together. Stir in the 3 cups of vege broth (and your optional add-in ingredients, although if you are adding fresh herbs you may want to wait until a few minutes before you serve).

Add lemon juice and then simmer low with a lid until tender usually 20-30 minutes (check no sooner than 15 min, and allow extra time, rice can sit warm nicely) –

Once you are ready to serve add remaining oil and any fresh herbs you may have, toss with a wide wood fork and serve.

With oregano and rosemary

Making Perfect Rice
– For every cup of rice, use 1-1/2 to 2 cups of water or broth. You want a large pot with a heavy base for the most even cooking and a tight lid for steam cooking rice.

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