Chemical Cuisine: A bowl of Froot Loops, Corn Pops, Apple Jacks, and a little petroleum chemical?

Read the Ingredients!

We are what we eat, look for hidden chemicals in cloaked healthy sounding ingredients!


No doubt this was a mishap at the Kellogg Cereal Plant. Apparently they found a little too much of (what the heck is?) 2-methylnaphthalene chemical in the packaging that holds certain Kellogg cereals. 

We want to trust mainstream food manufacturers, but this is one of those “aha” moments, requiring you get smart on various chemicals cloaked under “healthy sounding names”, before  marketing day! 

ARTIFICIAL COLORS (didn’t give that much thought on an average busy day), however, ARTIFICAL COLORS are derived guessed it, another petrochemical. 

And other petroleum chemicals called "artificial colors"?

Kellogg finds "too much" chemical in their food liners!


As you read Kellogg’s statement about about the chemicals in the packaging mishap, also be aware that most processed foods, and not necessarily these particular cereals, have chemicals in otherwise very prounounceable ingredients, ones which may even appear to be healthy. 

For example, along with a very common chemical sweetner HFSC (High Fructose Corn Syrup) that you will find everywhere, there are also dangerous perservatives, sweetners, and flavor enhancing chemicals called EXCITOTOXINS (two of most popular are MSG and ASPARTAME) most often cloaked in other healthy sounding names, and listed as ingredients in most processed foods, even baby food, supplmements, health foods, etc. 

Bottom Line:  

Obviously our body does not recognize chemicals as food, therefore we certainly cannot digest them (including HFCS which is in literally everything).  In reality, perhaps we can see their damage, through the degradation of our health in general. Symptoms are rampant of course, but also acronym health issues like ADD, ADHD, FMS, CFS, etc.. Then there is our various intoleratnces, our feeling tired, or brain fog, i.e.,  lack of focus, and the sadness over our  unhealthy obese bodies. Fat cells absorb toxins, they are the soldiers of our body, ever protecting us. 

These chemicals could truly be affecting our performance by violating our body, our brain, our fat cells, and our organs like our liver and kidneys, galbladder (sidenote, galbladder surgery is the number one surgery in our country today).   

Let’s know our enemy, and let’s have first hand reliable research of their affects, be it on a baby (oh yes they are found in baby food), a child (think about fast food, processed food, sodas), or as grownups who are responsible for our children as well as ourselves. How do we respond short term and over the long term to these otherwise benign sounding ingrdients? Let’s find out together and then let’s make a difference!* 

*List of current ingredient names, and Research References are provided. 

Please share whatever information you find valuable. We brought about an Organic movement, we can certainly bring about food WITHOUT ENHANCING CHEMICALS. 


So let’s become educated about the sneaky, insidious chemicals in our food, moreover, from a pH Balance perspective, let’s learn what those chemicals do to our body.  

More articles to come as we delve into this research and talk to doctors like Dr. Baylor, truly a courageous Neurologist and leading expert on EXCITOTOXINS, a man who is overtly intent on living up to his Hyppocratic oath! 

EXCITOTOXINS: An example would be MSG, Aspartane, and a slew of other chemicals that are a part of our food processing each and every day including cereals, all of which have been determined as health hazards! 

Some of the cloaked names for chemicals like MSG, Aspartamane, and other Excitoxins in general, are common, taste-enhancing ingredients such as monosodium glutamate, aspartame, yeast extract, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, autolyzed proteins, sodium caseinate, calcium caseinate, textured protein, autolyzed yeast, hydrolyzed oat flour, malt extract, malt, flavoring, bouillon, broth, stock, flavoring, natural flavoring, natural beef or chicken flavoring, seasoning, carrageenan, soy protein concentrate, soy protein isolate, soy protein concentrate. 

As a footnote as you are reading ingredients, you will likely see soy repeated in a variety of ways. So, it’s important to note that conventional and GMO (genetically modified) soy has been determined to absorb the highest level of pesticides and chemicals of the vegetable family. Obviously eat them organically and not processed without a clear review of the label (vegans and vegetarians take heed). So not only do I find GMO soy or conventional soy unacceptable as a healthy food source, the majority of our processed foods use soy as a filler

GOOD HEALTH?  – As the number one filler, the majority of the soy we grow in this country is GMO soy, or conventional agricultural soy. Obviously our food company’s go back to the bottom line, just as HFCS.  

When you add in  the rest of the perservative chemicals, and it may taste great (because that’s what Excitotoxins are known for, along with a creating craving for more). 

Recently released was the news that 1/3 of our population in the U.S. is obese – that means we’ve known about our “fat” issue for some time, now it’s becoming a chronic “health” issue, if not many chronic health issues. Our national leaders are focused on the health of the children, however, with Monsanto on the “Health Board” for this movement, we need more than a committe to get the chemicals out! 

On the back of antibiotics, hormones, and fattening up feed for animals, not to mention disgraceful handling of animals and poultry, this should come as no surprise. What does come as a surprise is how many people keep buying all of this stuff! 

Let’s start with the basics we all know so well: Read ingredients, even in health food, supplements, vegan, vegetarian pre-made foods – you’ll be surprised as I was to find most have some of the above list. Shameful! The second goal, and a little harder to attain, is to know the source of everything you ingest. 

So enough from me, let’s look at what you came here for, below is the Kellogg Mishap Story as transcribed from the Huffington Post: 

PORTLAND, Ore. — Kellogg Co. said Wednesday that higher-than-normal amounts of certain chemicals in its package liners caused the unusual smell and flavor that prompted a recall of 28 million boxes of its cereal in late June. 

The food maker recalled Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, Froot Loops and Honey Smacks after about 20 people complained, including five who reported nausea and vomiting. 

Consumers reported the cereal smelled or tasted waxy and others said the taste or smell was similar to that of metal or soap. Others simply described it as stale. 

The company, based in Battle Creek, Mich., said it has identified elevated levels of chemicals called hydrocarbons as the source. Those chemicals include methyl naphthalene. 

Kellogg said those chemicals are normally found at lower concentrations in the wax and film used for food packaging. The company said the wax used in its liners is commonly used as a protective coating for foods including cheese, raw fruits and vegetables. 

Little is known about the risks of moderate exposure to methyl naphthalene. 

The Food and Drug Administration said it is reviewing Kellogg’s information and conducting its own risk assessment. 

Kellogg said the amount of the chemicals wasn’t at a level thought to be harmful and that it is working with its supplier to ensure the situation does not happen again. 

The advocacy group Environmental Working Group said Kellogg and the FDA have an obligation to follow up, given the lack of knowledge about the chemical. The group said it also underscores the need for improved food and food packaging oversight. 


Further References:  

See Articles at  

  • Chemical Cuisine: CSPI’s Guide to Food Additives – This site includes a glossary, explanation of cancer testing, alphabetical listing of additives, and a list of additives that have been banned. 
  • Common Food AdditivesCNN In-Depth provides this chart listing additives and their chemistry, uses, common products containing the additives, and reported side effects. 
  • Do Food Additives Subtract from Health? – This is a Businessweek article about the effects of additive on health. 
  • Drugs Additives Causing Side Effects – Note that defining a substance in a drug as ‘inert’ or ‘inactive’ just means the substance and presumably its metabolites don’t compromise a drug’s effectiveness. The substance need not be ‘inert’ in biochemical reactions. 
  • Food Additives – Are They Safe? – The Cooperative Extension of the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences at the University of Arizona offers this article, which emphasizes the reasons additives are used and a list of steps that can be taken to minimize accidental exposure to contaminants. 
  • Fresh Look at Food Preservatives – Judith E. Foulke provides an overview of preservative use and regulation, she specifically discusses BHA, BHT, and sulfites.
  • PURE WATER SOLUTIONS  Pure water is essential for every household, regardless of your budget you can have Pure Drinking Water, Whole House Water – Pure Water Solutions – multi stage removing  flouride, chemicals, pesticides, leaving PURE WATER

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