Dehydration, Challenges & Solutions, Plus “Bottled Water” Revealed

We need clean body fluids! 70% body, 96% blood

Without pure water and lots of it, we cannot become pH balanced! 

Dehydration could be a major underlying reason for acidity. When you are dehydrated and not feeling well (sick and tired), there really isn’t anything that will improve your condition until you re-hydrate..

Most of us already know that our body is approximately 70% water, but we may not have made the leap that dehydration stems from us needing to replace the water we lose each day, through urination and perspiration, with clean pure water.  Our urine should be clear and without odor. The color (outside of vitamin discharge that happens when you don’t absorb the vitamins) determines the level of hydration, clear you are hydrated, after that you are in some state of dehydration, which is also why we need to maintain 70% water as a standard for ourselves.

Blood is or should be about 96% water. Our blood is our river of life, and our blood, just like a river, cannot flow throughout our body properly when the water is low (dehydrated), or when our water is not as clean as it needs to be for good health.

Your entire body depends on pure water, and that’s a challenge today. You see our body was designed to receive nutrition both from water and food. Withholding, or not ingesting enough water is detrimental, but so is ingesting degraded water. Pure water with nutrition (minerals) will be a neutral pH.

Solutions for Pure Drinking Water

Bottled water is becoming less and less of an option for many reasons. Water issues (even with city water): chemicals, pesticides, bacteria, nitrates, chlorine, pharmaceuticals, and the list goes on.

Below we’ll explain how to tell if you are dehydrated, but bottom line it’s a challenge to be fully hydrated without preparing at least some of our own beverages,  especially because most of the mainstream beverage and food choices are not rehydrating, not from pure water and whole food sources, and in fact, beverages like soda and coffee are dehydrating. Fresh food carries water

2k gallons pure drinking, 10 cup

 in it, processed does not, in fact processed food can be dehydrating depending on process and ingredients. Key is create your own beverages from pure water and ingredients which are rehydrating like fresh lemonade, rooibos red tea for iced or hot, juices like blueberry and pomegranate with stevia, etc., as your beverages of choice (click here for simple, make at home beverage recipes).

Why is being hydrated with pure water so important?

To answer this question, consider the following functions of water in our bodies:

  • in saliva, and stomach secretions, water helps to digest food
  • in blood, it helps transport nutrients and oxygen (and components of the immune system) to all the cells of the body (which are different sizes and hold different levels of water)
  • in body fluids, water helps lubricate joints and cushions organs and tissues ·
  • in urine, water carries waste products out of the body
  • in perspiration, (if hydrated) water will expel water and removes toxins

(from Physician and Sports Medicine, Nancy Clark MS, RD – May 1995).

Simple stuff about hydration that we were not taught:

Under $100, 10K gallons, 6 stages, Disposable

We have 20 different cell sizes in our body. Water has a molecular structure reminiscent of a bunch of grapes. Our body is designed to ingest the water, hold onto the water, extract the nutrition from it (minerals and such), and in the process, we break down the molecular structure small enough that all of our cells can be hydrated.

You can’t even go 3 days without water (maybe hours in blazing hot dry weather), although many days without food. Our cells contain different amounts of water to keep them hydrated: Muscle cells, for example, are 70-75% water, although fat cells are only 10-15% water, i.e., a muscular person will have a larger percentage of his/her body weight coming from water.

Scientists define dehydration as fluid losses greater than only 1% of body weight. Water is lost first from the blood (not so great for keeping your blood clean). If water deprivation continues, cells will start to lose their water content. Dehydration can become fatal when 9-12% of your body weight is lost via water. So for every 100 lbs of body weight, 1 lb of lost water would be considered dehydration.

Studies of athletes have shown sweat losses of 2 quarts per hour while exercising – a quart of water weighs  about 2 lbs, therefore the athlete (if under 200 lbs) is dehydrated unless he/she has been rehydrating naturally during exercise, and or before and after. Moderate dehydration symptoms are low-grade headache and fatigue. Severe dehydration is accompanied by nausea, chills, increased heart rate, inability to sweat, and light-headedness. At this point, medical attention is warranted.

Most people are a bit shocked when they discover how much fluid they need. Fortunately, we receive fluids from whole foods we eat (especially fruits and veggies). Remember caffeine and alcohol are both diuretics, and contribute to dehydration. So, ALL your fluid intake doesn’t necessarily have to come from water – although that is the easiest and (usually) the least expensive way.  (See fresh lemon solution below.)

Unfortunately, that’s not happening with most of us.

Two Hydration Challenges

Our water is degraded, be it bottled, tap (city), well, cistern, or refrigerator filtered. Even if we have a water filter that removes chlorine, which most over the counter systems are limited to doing, today we have to remove a heck of a lot more than chlorine. See Articles.

Most of us are not performing at our optimum, we’re acidic or have symptoms, so our body is not breaking down the molecular structure as it should..

How can you tell if you are rehydrating and hydrated?

If you are urinating within a half hour after drinking, it would seem the water doesn’t have enough time to break down the molecular structure to hydrate yourself (add lemon).

The best way to tell if you’re hydrated is to monitor your urine. You should be urinating a significant amount regularly (3-4 times) throughout the day. If your urine is clear that’s great, otherwise pale yellow through dark yellow are different levels of dehydration and acidity.

Sipping constantly for a week seems to turn your brain signal back on for “thirst”, allows you to drink less more often which is better, and is a phenomenal way to hydrate yourself. Once hydrated your body will find its’ own level of hydration, rule of thumb is: for every 100 pounds you are 70 lbs of water, or 35 quarts of water. To cycle your body fluid monthly (already feeling great): 1 quart for every 50 lbs of body weight. To cycle more often step up the hydration according to your goals (Change it up and add lemon, lime, greens, ginger, etc.).

Hydration Solutions:

lemon_pHLemon – Add lemon to your water and it will provide phytochemical nutrition and clean up the water a bit too. Because the water has added nutrition, your body will hold onto it longer to extract that nutrition, and in the process break down the molecular structure of the water and more easily hydrate our 20 different cell sizes. Lemon is pre-digestively acidic and post digestively alkaline, so it will help with your pH balance. In addition, I’ve found it’s a great organ cleanser among other benefits. Click here for comprehensive Fresh Lemon Article.

Think about swimming pools, when we chemically induce them to a neutral pH the water becomes clear and pristine, and micro organisms like fungus, bacteria, viruses, yeast, etc., cannot survive in the alkaline environment. We also rid the pool of the waste materials as part of the process of bringing the pH from being acidic up to neutral. We are naturally inducing our body into balance with pure water.

The easiest solution to pure water is a compact whole house system (one you only

Clean water throughout $499

 need to change filters every 2-4 years), and adding a 10k gallon alkalizing under counter filter (total cost less than $600 for both) which moves your drinking water up several notches. Alternatively, a countertop or under sink version for drinking water and shower heads for your bathroom.

Pure Water Solutions – The most comprehensive pure water solutions available.

Green water drinking water and whole house solutions, water powered for every budget. No detectable levels of Fluoride, Chlorine, Pesticides, Chemicals, other water contaminants

About Maralinehttp://www.pHBodyBalance.comMaraline is internationally recognized as a pH Body Balance and Nutritional Products Specialist, and has written many related articles, appears on radio and guest speaks at many events. "Small Changes That Make The Biggest Difference" in the quality of your life. AND...."Let's not "substitute" but let us "replace," with better tasting foods and drinks that are better for you, and most importantly, provide better results!" "Your body has intelligence, point it in the right direction, and YOU will follow!"

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