Thimerosal (mercury) in Flu Shots & Vaccines is out of hand.

Any reasonable person would question why it is, that in 2010, our children are required to receive (count them) 24 mandatory vaccinations, when just one generation ago, 10 vaccinations was the requirement. I  personally compared my older children with my 14 year old’s records, then put those records against the number of injections today’s babies are recommended, and there is absolutely no way the increase can be justified. Join my FB, and see how a Vet, doctor for animals, minimizes vaccines for the family pets because he sees them as harmful, yet for our children the number of injections has compounded.

Another point of contention is that not only do today’s children receive many more vaccinations, Thimerosal (mercury) is still present at staggering amounts (the amount the FDA determines safe for a 275 lb man). So even after all the controversy and court cases, children especially, are given injections (vaccines and flu shots) which are frequently doubled up or even tripled.  Why?

More information, Vaccine and Flu Shot Ingredients, plus other resources you can pursue all follow video.

Do you know which flu shots and which vaccines contain the highly controversial  preservative  Thimerosal (mercury)? This is the most controversial ingredient and has been linked and referenced to autism, asthma, allergies, immune disorders, brain disorders, and the list goes on.   Previous post list ingredients and resources

Even if you support vaccines and flu shots, it is becoming more and more obvious each of us needs to become educated about the ingredients and the potential side effects of those ingredients.

Further, let’s look at the recommendations by the CDC, we should be questioning the Flu Shot(s) for these reasons alone:

  • 2 years ago minimum age was 18, and not recommended if you are pregnant
  • Today CDC recommends it for babies 6 months old and for pregnant women
  • Today you may receive a double or triple flu shot (what?

Two startling observations translated by an author at on the subject of vaccinations: 1)The Hep B routinely given to newborns contains so much mercury preservative (Thimerosal) that it would normally only be considered safe under standard medical guidelines to give to a 275 pound adult. 2) Through vaccinations, children receive 400x the amount of mercury deemed safe by the FDA.

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