Things you may not know about clay! Living Clay for “clay snobs”!


What kind of clay is this? Living Clay is montmorillonite, also known as calcium bentonite clay, which is a volcanic ash type of clay with a very high negative charge.

Why is a negative charge important? Everything bad in our body has a “positive” charge, everything good and wholesome, a “negative” charge. So the more negative charge (or negative ions) that you have, the better!

I am a self professed and self sufficient “clay” snob!

Having just admitting to the world I’m a “clay” snob, I need to also say that I blasted through a lot of different calcium bentonite clay products, only to find the purest, finest, and most water soluble is Living Clay. But that’s not all, because for a very long time, I was a self sufficient “clay snob” in that I only purchased dry clay and made all my own wet and dry clay products like pastes, scrubs, creams, etc.

Not too long ago I ordered several of the facial masks (which I use internally while I’m on the run, great for heartburn or upset  tummy), and I was really surprised! Wow it’s like silk, so soft! Admittedly it would take a lot of processing for me to refine Living Clay to the level of the wet clay product, moreover, cost isn’t an issue when it comes to wet or dry, both are extremely reasonable!

You can find tons of information at our educational site, Here are some links to how I use Living Clay, enjoy!


Articles, Plus Product Tests & Information Reports, enjoy!


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