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Basics of pHBodyBalance: We are what we eat and drink interview:


With over a dozen years practicing and training alkaline/acid, pH body balance, or homeostasis, whichever name you prefer,  pH Body Balance is more important today than it’s ever been. Lots of blogs and websites with conflicting information, but the good news is there is a lot of information! 

While the best way to sort through information is research and professional opinions, the flip side is to test the theory in a real world, practical application. Following are two common questions and the answers should help you develop your own ‘acid test’ and further develop your ‘concept’ of the practical application of pH balance. 

Q. Which foods are alkaline? Using potatoes as an example, some sites say alkaline, yet others say acidic. 

A. Determining alkaline from acidic is not a task of memory, it’s a task of thinking through the food. Potatoes are a great example because pre digestively they do test alkaline, however, post digestively they are acidic. The answer is what we already know, potatoes have a lot of starch, the starch turns to sugar and sugar is acidic. While this does not work with everything, it is a good rule of thumb until you become more educated about alkaline/acid. 

From a realistic perspective, we are not all going to give up potatoes, so then the real question becomes “Which potatoes are best for you?”. Personally I prefer baked potatoes and stuffing them with stir fried veges (baking and veges will offset the starch a bit). When I prepare mashed potatoes, I use small reds (least amount of starch), and I steam or boil, but mash them while they are still a bit firm, again, less starch. 

Q. There are so many supplements, how do you know which one to choose? Do you select based on your symptoms, and if so, do you have to take it forever?
A. From my alkaline/acid balance perspective, there are only three kinds of supplements I recognize: 1) foundational nutrition, 2) target or organ support, and 3) cleansing or detoxing. Once you understand the definitions (below), you can literally take three shoeboxes, pull out all your supplements and put them into one of three categories. Hopefully this will also help you decide how to purchase supplements in the future. 

1) Foundational Supplements are for everyone, child and adult alike. They supply the difference between what you are eating and what your body actually requires. Foundational supplements should be derived from whole food sources because our body is designed to receive vitamins and minerals co-factored and the only absolute co-factoring is derived from whole foods. Co-factor means all the elements are in their appropriate form and at the appropriate level, synthetic or enhanced versions of what we need do not meet the absorption criteria of our body. The level of Foundational Supplementation is a personal decision based on performance, symptoms, lifestyle and diet. 

2) Target or Organ Support Supplements are focused to a specific area of weakness, a symptom, chronic symptom, and/or organ support. Target supplements are necessary until you get back into balance, the amounts should decline and become unnecessary as you get your body back into balance. 

3) Cleansing or Detox Supplements are used occasionally and specifically for “enhancing” body cleansing. There are many ways to cleanse (not to be mixed up with fasting), passively each day, assertive for a weekend or several days, and then aggressively should you need to do so. Cleansing supplements are best used during cleansing.  

While you can go to www.pHBodyBalance.com for your research about Alkaline/Acid, homeostasis, aka pH Balance, and to www.YourNatureStore.com to shop a myriad of support products, the missing link is incorporating what “YOU” and I are doing on a daily basis, offering visitors the daily “hands on” application of pH Balance. 

Authoring a Blog gives me an opportunity to share my “hands on” of pHresh Living, and I look forward to comments and suggestions, as well as recipes. We all know what it’s like to find “real” sources of information, and not know how to apply it, so the plan is for pHresh Living to provide that street sense and practical application. 

I doubt there is a single adult out there unaware of the degradation of our food and water sources, but at the same time, we all need to take credit in this last decade for pioneering healthier organic food choices, and more recently the uprising of “green” cleaning products. If you are not aware of the difference between organic, conventional, and GMO (genetically modified foods), I urge you to learn the difference, because it means the difference in your health. 

Did you know that before WW II, every farm in the U.S. was organic? Not the case today because “organic produce” now carries a special label, while conventional  produce is mainstream. Conventional vegetables are grown in soils that not only hold a myriad of chemicals and pesticides, but many are also sprayed with them as well. The reason they can be sprayed is back in the laboratory, scientists are coming up with new ways to genetically modify our produce (and then it becomes GMO produce) so it doesn’t die when sprayed with chemicals and pesticides. Crazy as that sounds, it’s true. 

Along with eating and drinking healthy, we have also become more aware about how “processed” our food and water has become.  Realistically we must address our home water first, it’s the common denominator of good health. It must be filtered at home, either through a whole house system, or at the sink (countertop or undersink), and if you have city water, please filter your shower/bath. 

Onward, because at pHreshLiving you will not only hear the latest news on water and food, I’m also going to share much of what I do each day which should provide a sense of practical application. I believe knowledge is not only power, it’s empowering, and a bigger truth is “we are all in this together”. 

See you on the blog! 


“Maraline is CEO and Founder, BioGro Products LLC, YourNatureStore.com and pHBodyBalance.com. Maraline has 12 years of research and conversions to share. She will teach you how to convert your “acidic” habits into “alkaline” habits and be happy doing it! Maraline is internationally recognized as a pH Body Balance and Nutritional Products Specialist, and has written many related articles, appears regularly as a pH expert on radio, teleseminars, and also guest speaks at many events. 

Let’s focus on “Small Changes That Make The Biggest Difference” in the quality of your life. AND….”Let’s not “substitute” but let us “replace,” with better tasting foods and drinks that are better for you, and most importantly, provide better results!” 

It’s true, we are alkaline by design and acidic by function. However in today’s environment with processed foods, degraded food, water, and air, not to mention stress, we are bringing in way too much acid rain. We all need to alkalize, so let’s alkalize naturally!

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  1. I have enjoyed everything i have read on this web site and want to be more informed about ph balence and the foods i eat, and where they come from. I took my first ph test this am and found i am very acidic i need to make changes in my diet and life style… and this web site has been very helpful thanks

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