Not Your Mom’s Ranch Dressing

While I don’t know who originally tossed this dressing together, I can say it’s delicious! This dressing is one of my daughter Melissa, and her friend Chelsea’s favorites (I’ve also added their notes) This ranch dressing is pHabulous on sammies, especially salad wrap sammies, of course salads, and I’ve added my notes for making it a rich vege dip.

Traditional Dairy Version: Use same recipe, substituting dairy products for non-dairy or vegan, i.e., Veganaise, use mayonaise, etc.


Not Your Mom’s Ranch Dressing (makes 1 cup)

Blend the following together with a wire whip, mixer, or blender.

1/2 cup Veganaise (or another vegan mayo)

3/4 tsp fresh lemon juice

1/4 c. milk (almond, coconut, soy)

1/4 tsp of each: ground black pepper, unbleached sea salt, garlic powder

A couple of shakes of vegan parmesan

Notes: Melissa and Chelsea use a lot more seasoning than the recipe calls for, and prefer almond milk for best flavor.

Dip Note: Maraline suggests for extra richness, blend finished recipe with 2T. of Tofutti or vegan cream cheese!

Raw Crunchers

SunButter made from Sunflower Seeds!

Tastes better than peanut or almond! Rich in omegas, YUMO!

Raw Crunchers

You will need: Fresh Sliced Apples (spray Lightly with lemon juice to maintain freshness), SunButter (yummy sunflower seed butter), and Ezekial 4.9 Sprouted (Flourless) Cereal (very crunchy)

Adults Small Bites: Roll one end of Apple Slice in SunButter, then roll until Sunbutter is covered in Ezekial 4.9 Sprouted Cereal. Adults love the textures, taste and crunch!

Kid Friendly Small Bites: Serving platter of apple slices with two bowls, 1 for SunButter (kids dip the end of apple in the Sunbutter), and 1 for Ezekial 4.9 Sprouted (kids roll the dipped apple in Ezekial 4.9)

It’s Crunchers! Very Adult and Kid Friendly!

Ezekial 4.9 Sprouted Cereal: 

  • Flourless,
  • Organic,
  • Complete Protein,
  • and Sprouted Whole Grain

Enjoy! Maraline

Difference between spices, herbs, and seasonings

spices, herbs, seasonings
What is the difference between spices, herbs and seasonings?

Spices: You can tell a spice from an herb because spices are from the bark, root, stem, seed or fruit of a plant. Cinnamon is considered a spice since it is from the bark of a tree. Cardamom is a spice because it is from the seed of a plant. The typical black pepper that you use on your dinner table is a spice that comes from the fruit of a vine. Spices seem to have a sharper flavor then an herb.

Herbs: You can tell when something is an herb because it comes from the leaves of a plant. Parsley is considered an herb since we eat the leaves of the parsley plant. Basil is another herb that we eat the leaves off of. Rosemary is also a herb but it has long sharp leaves that are not the typical flat leaves. We use herbs fresh during growing season, then dry the plant upside down, harvesting the leaves. Some of the leaves we leave whole, some we grind a bit for flakes, and some we grind a lot into a powder.

Seasoning: A seasoning is anything that flavors food. Unbleached Sea Salt is our most important flavoring (as well as having health properties) since we use it the most out of all flavorings.  An interesting notation is that unbleached sea salt never has that “too salted” result, and some are a bit sweeter, others more mellow. And, most of us know that unbleached sea salt is a friend, our body is 70% water and that water is similar to our ocean water. Unbleached sea salt (my preference being Himalayan Salt), carries the trace minerals of our body, thus providing many essentials.

Cheese Tidbit from pHresh Living

Cheese – A veryhot topic among pHealthy folks, mostly because many of us l o v e cheese! Some say, YES, I choose my acid to be cheese – others say, wait a minute, it’s too acidic, eat goat some of the time, but most of the time, eat vege or nut cheese. Vegans won’t touch the stuff if it’s not nuts or vege. Cheese is a controversial subject to say the least!

Cow Cheese, Goat Cheese, Vege Cheese, Nut Cheese – It’s all cheese!!

Cow Cheese? Since cows have two stomachs (double digestive system), cow cheese (or common dairy cheese) is very high in lactic acid, or very acidic to our pH balance. Doesn’t mean that it doesn’t taste good, means it’s probably not great for us.

pHBalance is about choosing your acid, meaning we need more alkaline, less acid, not “zero acid” incoming. Cheese however, could be considered “acid rain”, so we really need to weigh when and how much cow cheese we ingest.

Goat Cheese – Good News! Goats have a single stomach, or more similar to us in digestive structure, therefore less lactic acid. It’s always been said that the Mediterranean Diet is healthy, goat cheese is a big reason (as opposed to EU countries where cow cheese is more prevelant).  Now there are many forms of goat cheese, feta, soft feta, crumbly feta, and creamy goat cheese is becoming  very popular.

Vege Shredds – And other Vegetable Based Cheese – Many of the vegetable based cheeses are really tasty. I love mixing Vege Shredds half and half with cow cheese for church functions and alike – not once has someone noticed! It’s also a great way to break your family into vegetable based cheeses.

Nut Cheese – More and more we are seeing nut based cheese, it’s delicious. Just a few weeks ago I found a nut based mozzarella and it melted nicely, it was tasty, and really, when you are creating recipes, very similar to cow cheese.

Cream Cheese – Dairy versus Tofutti? Well I go for Tofutti Cream Cheese most of the time, love the spread – an especially good one sided toasted samich, is – Tofutti Cream Cheese topped with  chopped olives (stored in salt brine), or a great olive tepenade.

What do I do? I usually purchase Goat Cheese, Vege Shredds, Tofutti Cream Cheese, and sometimes nut cheese (depends on if I’m willing to spend $8-$10 to see if it’s a good nut cheese) – and sometimes (depending on end user of my recipe) I use cow cheese – yes, yes I do.

Goat Cheese is great for so much of what we do at my house. For example, I really look at “when” to add cheese and “when NOT” to add cheese, as well as if I’m adding, “how much” do I really need to accomplish what I’m doing.

Today – Rustic Ciabatta Sammys – Tofutti spread with minced olives (mediterranean olives jarred in a salt brine), and diced bits of creamy goat cheese. See Recipes – Rustic Ciabatta Sammy

That’s my update on Cheese! Enjoy!!