What is a great “greendrink”?

Our body demands certain nutrition, supplementation is what we do to make up the deficit between what we eat and what our body requires. This is further explained in “About Maraline”. 

Whole food concentrated supplements are our best way to absorb what we need in the same format as eating it, but really provides a true shortcut for receiving baseline nutrition (vitamins and minerals co-factored), which we require to function at our optimal performance levels. 

So then the questions……..Which greens should I buy? Which greens are better? What makes one green better than another? (more…)

pHresh & Alive Sweet Green Smoothie

Contributed by Catherine –

Sweet and Green … A smoothie you can’t get enough of (Tribest Personal Blender or Vitamix works great)..
Fresh Kale, mint, add water to puree, then add 1 pear, celery, ginger, cucumber.