Pink Eye (both eyes) resolved in 48 hours

Wouldn’t you know my 13 year old was vulnerable to pink eye and woke up with it in not one, but both eyes over the holidays.

Immediately we flushed with natural saline, then angstrom drops of calcium (carries a very high pH and is soothing), followed with a little in an eyedropper of  molecula silver (or smallest particle silver, gaseous, and silver is the natural enemy of any “bad” micro organism). We repeated this every 3-4 hours. Happy to report it diminished quickly and we were off with our holiday activities shortly!

I might add I also had my son place warm and damp black tea bags (I prefer Lipton for this treatment) over each closed eye and lay down for 10-15 minutes. Somehow the tanic acid in the black tea pulls inflammation, and as a bonus, my son’s eyes never looked younger – haha.

PS – Spa Treatment with Black Tea Bags – Black tea bags are the perfect spa treatment for under eye bags, or stressed eyes.  Simply use warm water, wetten the tea bag until it begins to leach tea, squeeze gently so it’s still a bit wet, then place over the whole eye, lay still 15 minutes with your eyes closed – I love this. Afterward, for a more perky look you can rub an ice cube under and over your eye briefly – between the two you’ll feel energized just looking at yourself!