Dehydration, Challenges & Solutions, Plus “Bottled Water” Revealed

We need clean body fluids! 70% body, 96% blood

Without pure water and lots of it, we cannot become pH balanced! 

Dehydration could be a major underlying reason for acidity. When you are dehydrated and not feeling well (sick and tired), there really isn’t anything that will improve your condition until you re-hydrate..

Most of us already know that our body is approximately 70% water, but we may not have made the leap that dehydration stems from us needing to replace the water we lose each day, through urination and perspiration, with clean pure water.  Our urine should be clear and without odor. The color (outside of vitamin discharge that happens when you don’t absorb the vitamins) determines the level of hydration, clear you are hydrated, after that you are in some state of dehydration, which is also why we need to maintain 70% water as a standard for ourselves.

Blood is or should be about 96% water. Our blood is our river of life, and our blood, just like a river, cannot flow throughout our body properly when the water is low (dehydrated), or when our water is not as clean as it needs to be for good health.

Your entire body depends on pure water, and that’s a challenge today. You see our body was designed to receive nutrition both from water and food. Withholding, or not ingesting enough water is detrimental, but so is ingesting degraded water. Pure water with nutrition (minerals) will be a neutral pH.

Solutions for Pure Drinking Water

Bottled water is becoming less and less of an option for many reasons. Water issues (even with city water): chemicals, pesticides, bacteria, nitrates, chlorine, pharmaceuticals, and the list goes on.

Below we’ll explain how to tell if you are dehydrated, but bottom line it’s a challenge to be fully hydrated without preparing at least some of our own beverages,  especially because most of the mainstream beverage and food choices are not rehydrating, not from pure water and whole food sources, and in fact, beverages like soda and coffee are dehydrating. Fresh food carries water (more…)

CNN’s “You Have Gerd” (acid reflux) presentation..”Quell the Angry Esophagus”

Acid reflux, or in this case, GERD (really bad acid reflux), can be painful, uncomfortable, irritating and annoying, just as  we know, and as the doc on CNN explains on his video. I like his idea of lifting one end of the bed so it’s more difficult for the acid to come up, however eliminating the acid sounds like a better plan to me.

From a natural health perspective you would look at the root issue “acidity”, and begin to resolve that with “alkalinity”, however that does not preclude targeting an issue say for example GERD or acid reflux. Targeting a symptom to resolve it or ease it up, is essential as you begin to get your body back into balance. Getting back into balance is the key, because once in balance symptoms begin to fall away.

Personally,  if I had acid reflux I’d opt for the simple remedy of taking a  teaspoon of Living Clay in 3-4 oz of water(tasteless essentially) stir until dissolved, and I’d drink it.

Why? Because Calcium bentonite (also known as montmorillonite) clay is a type of volcanic ash that has extraordinary absorption of acids and toxins. It first adsorbs, meaning attracts the acids/toxins, then absorbs, so essentially the clay acts like a sponge, not releasing the acidity but expelling it through normal elimination. Along the way it will do the same to the other toxins throughout the digestive and elimination systems.

Living Clay can be used in countless ways for many reasons. Primarily, and aside from the wonderful minerals, etc.,  it carries a very high negative charge, while acidity or toxins carry a strong positive charge. Thus, similar to how a magnet works, the two attract one another.

The powder form of this clay can be made into a paste (and it’s also available in paste and liquid form), added to liquids, etc., in fact I wrote a printable document explaining all the ways we use Living Clay, from sprains and strains, to back pain, neck pain, headaches, acne, skin conditions, detoxify baths/soaks, foot baths/soaks, all the way to thickening agent for (made at home) fresh salad dressing and more! PS Incredible facial and back mask!

So why wouldn’t someone try clay? Afterall we are made of the minerals of the earth and the waters of the ocean. Such a simple remedy, yet so effective it’s become an anchor not only as a target remedy  for many issues, but  truly foundational for pH balance and passive cleansing all year-long.

Lab Tested for purity.

Cleansing or Detoxing: Passively, Assertively, Aggressively

We are alkaline by design and acidic by function, meaning digestion, breathing, thinking, negative feelings, physical stress, as well as our other bodily functions may create acid. When our acidity becomes predominant, our body  while working to protect us, may attempt to cleanse with or without our help. It’s much better  to be proactive about cleansing.  Ingesting what our body requires both for hydration and nutrition  can be considered  passively cleansing each day because our body can easily expel toxins given the correct balance of nutrition and hydration. We can also enhance passive cleansing.

When we are feeling a bit out of balance we can become more focused about what we are eating and drinking, i.e., cleanse assertively, and on occasion or for health reasons we may want to become very focused about cleansing and detoxing, which would be a more aggressive cleansing. In this last instance we are moving well beyond wanting better performance and toward the goal of moving our health to the next level

Below we will review  methods, processes, and applications for all three cleansing/detoxing styles, Passive, Assertive, and Aggressive Cleansing/Detoxing. Cleansing can be customized to your schedule, your needs, and your goals, it’s easy once you see the big picture, and grab the concept!

lemon or limeaidLemonade, Limeade, & other delicious pH beverages.


God’s Miracle Healing Food – LEMON (Lime)

FRESH Lemon, PURE Water

Fresh lemon for your health.

God’s Miracle Healing Food – LEMON (Lime)

It’s about Hydration and Nutrition! Lemon has phytochemicals (nutrition) that our body craves, even if don’t particularly like lemons and limes, as you begin drinking it (light ratio of juice to water), you will find your body begins to crave it.
While we are supposed to receive minerals from our food and our water, our water is so degraded there is very little (if any) nutrition, and that alone makes it difficult to be hydrating.
When we drink water our body should hold onto the water, break down the molecula structure as it absorbs the nutrition. If our body is too acidic or not performing properly, water will go straight through, meaning we urinate shortly after hydrating. 

When we add lemon or lime to our water, our body holds onto the water…click here to continue extensive article with two leading experts, lemon as a remedy, (more…)

Beets: Miracle food for high or low blood pressure, cardio, liver and blood cleansing…

Beet Juice Puree

The Timeless Miracle of Beets!

High Blood Pressure, Low Blood Pressure, Liver Cleansing, Blood Cleansing, Cardio


Professor Amrita Ahluwalia
Barts and The London School of Medicine

University of Exeter and the Peninsula Medical School

The Magic of Beetroot Juice
• An intake of one glass of beetroot juice daily can assuringly tame high blood pressure.
• Beetroot juice is very potent, and it’s recommended that you drink the raw juice diluted at least 4 times with other milder juices such as carrot, cucumber, or celery.
• It is claimed that beetroot juice has the ability to clean and build the blood, improve circulation and calm the nerves.
• It also improves the health of the liver, kidneys, and bladder.
• The juice is claimed to be beneficial in the treatment of gallstones and kidney stones.
• It cleans the intestines and (more…)

Sea Salt Cleansing by S Leong


Checkout  Nasopure Nasal Washing, it’s the simplest salt water nasal washing process I’ve ever encountered! We love the ease, but we love the benefits more! If something is easy to do, we will do it more often – nothing beats Nasopure!

We are primarily salt water, almost like the ocean, 70% average, with some dirt/clay, mineral elements of the earth, and like the earth 30% mass.

The basics of pH Balance or homeostasis should begin with our body elements, salt, clay, pure water. We want our 70/30 ratio to be pristine for optimal performance.

Many of our symptoms can be overcome with the basics of (unbleached) sea salt, montmorillonite, calcium bentonite clay, and hydration.

Obviously elimination is central once the basics are met, so here’s an easy way for elimination with salt. (more…)

pH Body Balance Teleseminar IBS, Digestive, Constipation and other elimination issues.

A few months ago I had the privilege of being interviewed about “how” pH Body Balance supports IBS, digestive disorders, constipation and other elimination issues, and variations of these chronic type symptoms, by Jini Patel Thompson, renown expert and best selling author of “Listen To Your Gut”.

I think you’ll agree it’s a powerful discussion between two professionals working toward the same goal.

Let me know what you think, I can post many interviews similar to this with other practioners about other a variety of health issues, and the foundational support and healing pH Body Balance brings.

   Click     Audio Teleseminar                              Written Transcript

Jiaogulan Tonic, Tea, Capsules (gynostemma pentaphyllum)

Jiaogulan questions answered!

Jiaogulan is known for its anti-aging, energy-boosting, antioxidant and adaptogen health benefits.* 

There are many questions that come up about Jiaogulan:

  • How long has it been in the U.S.? How does Asia use this herb?
  • Which is the best form for bio-availablity? (Tonic, capsules, tea?) And which is  most cost effective short term and long term?
  • Jiaogulan is referrenced as a cell adaptagen and antioxidant, but what is a simple explaination of a cell adaptogen, and what are antioxidants (and how do these two actions help our body)?

These are the questions I’m attempting to answer  in this posting, and if you have a true interest in the healing properties of Jiaogulan, I suggest you go to the Jiaogulan Webpage I’ve dedicated to this amazing tea for all the tests, details, and even medical results. It’s quite something! Remember the premise of our body is to ingest food and water, and that in Asia, the traditional form of medicine is herbal and the alternative form is our traditional – interesting to say the least.


Adaptogens are natural substances that help the body to overcome particular stresses put on it by stimulating the body’s own self-regeneration process. They are plant substances that regulate body processes and improve overall health by supporting the body’s systems particularly the immune system.


Best description I’ve heard is that “by the very nature of the word, “antioxidant” = “anti-acidity”. Therefore, it makes sense that anti-oxidants inhibit oxidation. 

link to Jiaogulan 

Jiaogulan, (pronounced jee-oW-goo-lan), which has its’ roots in 13th century Chinese manuscripts, has a listing  in the Holistic texts as the       Herb of Immortality.

The history is that in the latter half of the 20th century, China found a sector of the population naturally aging to well over 100 years old, and one common element was the regular intake of  the herb/tea Jiaogulan.

How long has Jiaogulan been in the U.S.?

It’s worthy to note that Jiaogulan found its way to the United States several years ago, contrary to what you may read, and you can find it  at any progressive (or in this case regressive – LOL) natural health practioner or store. We’ve been carrying at for quite some time and it warners a good audience, those that order do re-order, and that’s the “results” driven nature of Jiaogulan tea/capsules.

You will also find Jiaogulan in a variety of forms and price tags for a months supply ranging from approximately $16 to $135, true. For example the most expensive, interestingly enough is as a tonic with other juices or superberries. The least expensive is in its natural state as a herb/tea, or dehydrated in capsules.  Jiaogulan tea leaves are dried and become tiny rolled tea leaves which unravel as you place them atop of water you’ve boiled. 

Jiaogulan tea is my preference, it’s organic, originating in China, or the Chinese Jiaogulan plant however grown organically above ground in Thailand.

At the end of the day YOU decide which way you’d like to ingest Jiaogulan, but one thing to keep in mind is that Jiaogulan is an amazing herb, it’s a cell adaptagen, an antioxidant, and a total wellness plant. Known for  its’ amazing healing properties in Asia,  it’s also common to find it in Asian hospitals in a concentrated form for medicinal use, attending to weakened bodies.

One thing I keep in mind as a dedicated pHBodyBalance advocate, is that plants store their toxins in the stems and the roots, therefore the leaves will be much sweeter tasting, and the stems and roots much more bitter.

Below are more clearly defined options of how you can purchase Jiaogulan in the U.S. today.

(By the way, I find this tea very strengthening and useful when there is a need for additional nutrition, immunity, or physical strength):

1) Jiaogulan Chinese Tea Leaves (organic of Chinese origin, is available),  ingested since the 16th century, and listed in holistic texts as such throughout Asia, and used medicinally. 100grams of Organic Jiaogulan tea leaves, Chinese origin, grown organically in Thailand above ground, is $24.95 . (Recommended cups of tea vary according to condition, 1 package of this tea lasts our family approximately 2 months)

2) I am aware of a Jiaogulan Tonic, but have not yet seen how much Jiaogulan is actually used  in the tonic, or which parts of the plant itself. With many ingredients including  juices/supernutrients, there are  no stated milligrams or potency levels of jiaogulan or other ingredients. It is not stated as “organic”, and sugars are 5 grams per ounce. Described as being Chinese origin and offered at different pricepoints, best price $134.95 for 100 oz (4 bottles 25 oz each).

3) Jiaogulan Capsules (vegetable capsule), comprised of dehydrated Jiaoglantea leaves  in capsule form. Stated as 7.5-7.7% active ingredient, or 75 mg of Jiaogulan, and 1000 mg of Jiaogulan Leaf. Chinese origin, pricepoint approx $16 for 100 capsules, 2 capsules per serving.

Since Jiaogulan’s rediscovery in the 1970’s, scientists in China, Japan, Germany and the USA have conducted over 300 studies into the medicinal properties of Jiaogulan. Most of the test and research results are compiled in a book by American researcher Michael Blumert and Dr. Jialiu Liu from the Guiyang Medical College in China. The book is “Jiaogulan: China’s Immortality Herb” – noted below.

$7.95 At Amazon (limited time)
Jiaogulan: China’s “Immortality Herb”–Unlocking the Secrets of Nature’s Powerful Adaptogen and Antioxidant (Paperback)
Author Michael Blumert and Dr. Jialiu Liu

The story of the book:  Author (health related books and articles), Michael Blumert was very interested in the over 300 tests he uncovered about jiaogulan and traveled to China to visit one of the test results researchers, Dr. Jialiu Liu. Together they condensed the test results and produced a fascinating book called “Jiaogulan Book”(click and book opens in new window on your computer), on this anti-aging herb/tea, you can find it at Amazon for less than $10, and well worth the price.

In summary, Organic Jiaogulan is a treat and many feel a blessing of wellness. While it’s not a usual remedy for many symptoms, chronic symptoms, and dis-ease, it certainly is widely used in Asia.

If you are interested in learning more, please visit and read our Jiaogulan story, test results, and more.

Nasal Washing Made Easy – For Real!

Watch this stunning video about nasal washing, and if you are like me you’ll roar with humor and be filled with relief that FINALLY someone figured out a way to perform this unsavory task with EASE and EFFICIENCY!

Nasal Washing Made Simple

Allergies, Throat Clearing, Sinus Pressure, Sinus Headaches, Sinus Drip, Congested Sinus’, and the list goes on….are all good reasons to watch this video.

At my house we add liquid silver to the mixture for both preventive and to act as a body friendly way to go after any and all incoming (existing) bad micro-organisms.

 I use this as one of our “daily in the shower” tools. My grandson (age 4) who has some kind of nasal drip going on, preferred nasal washing over the sink morning and before bedtime while he was staying with nana and papa. My son (age 14), prefers nasal washing occasionally, or as needed, but surely I’ll wrangle this into his daily personal care – LOL.

Tip for morning headaches:  Nasal wash over the sink right  before bedtime, I had immediate results – no morning headache!

TIP – For Sinus Pressure I apply a “sinus mask” and “eye mask”. Here’s how:   Face: I make a paste of Living Clay and water (3 parts pure water (or aloe), 1 part clay, please reserve in covered container). Apply across bridge of nose, extending across cheeks and also forehead. Eyes:  Black tea bags (wettened with warm/hot water, not completely squeezed out), applied to each eye. Sit back with your sinus mask and eye mask – 15-20 minutes. To extend the life of this mask, moisten a hand towel with warm /tepid water, wring out almost all the way, fold and apply over entire face. This will keep the clay and tea bags moist (allow it to work longer). Bigger Tip – Best done while soaking in a tub of clay and epsom/magnesium salt:) LOL.

FOR THOSE WITH EXTRA TIME: If you run out of sachets or dont’ purchase extra sachets of salt/bicarbonate, a similar (homemade) formula  is a mixture of unbleached sea salt and baking soda (we use Himilayan Salt ground fine and organic baking soda), then we add 1/2 oz of silver – this makes up the 8 0z nasopure bottle. Diluted by 1/2 for children’s size nasopure bottle.

Simple enough, and I love combining things – for example, this is one

Enjoy, have fun, and know that sometimes remedies are really prevention, which is why it’s always about pH Body Balance!

Pink Eye (both eyes) resolved in 48 hours

Wouldn’t you know my 13 year old was vulnerable to pink eye and woke up with it in not one, but both eyes over the holidays.

Immediately we flushed with natural saline, then angstrom drops of calcium (carries a very high pH and is soothing), followed with a little in an eyedropper of  molecula silver (or smallest particle silver, gaseous, and silver is the natural enemy of any “bad” micro organism). We repeated this every 3-4 hours. Happy to report it diminished quickly and we were off with our holiday activities shortly!

I might add I also had my son place warm and damp black tea bags (I prefer Lipton for this treatment) over each closed eye and lay down for 10-15 minutes. Somehow the tanic acid in the black tea pulls inflammation, and as a bonus, my son’s eyes never looked younger – haha.

PS – Spa Treatment with Black Tea Bags – Black tea bags are the perfect spa treatment for under eye bags, or stressed eyes.  Simply use warm water, wetten the tea bag until it begins to leach tea, squeeze gently so it’s still a bit wet, then place over the whole eye, lay still 15 minutes with your eyes closed – I love this. Afterward, for a more perky look you can rub an ice cube under and over your eye briefly – between the two you’ll feel energized just looking at yourself!