Vaccines are linked to Autism by U.S. Vaccine Court


Does “The Buck Stop Here”? Are we over vaccinating our children? And more importantly, WHO pays the price?

Parents are awarded 1.5 million dollars as U.S. Vaccine Court finds that a number of vaccines given the same day resulted in an immediate reaction and an autistic diagnosis of their daughter!  To date this is the first Autism acknowledgement for parents in the U.S. Vaccine Court.  4800 legal cases actively pending to be heard.

This is a huge legal breakthrough for many reasons. First and foremost this should radically change how mainstream America views vaccines. And for those of us already researching, evaluating, and questioning not only the ingredients, but the number of vaccines, the purpose versus the harm, and long term, and sometimes permanent side affects, this case is landmark for public awareness.

You do have to wonder why this case is sealed, seems out of the ordinary, although this is the first WIN for the Plaintiffs, ever.  Now more than ever, it is up to parents to question, to seek information, ask what’s inside the vaccines, and also why infants and children today receive many more vaccines  than ever before. Learn about each and every vaccine BEFORE providing  permission.

Many integrated physicians (those medical doctors integrating holistic whole body care with traditional medical science) as well as  aware parents, are sifting and sorting,  rejecting some vaccines altogether, and/or refusing some and perhaps allowing others. Many are rejecting  the practice of multiple vaccines on the same day and are assuming the decision making of what, when, and how their children are vaccinated.

PUBLIC PERCEPTION is sometimes baffling, especially when I read on blogs of news stories about parents rejecting vaccines.  People write in they are fearful of having their children attend school with children who are not vaccinated, calling them an extreme health danger. But if vaccines protect us (do what they purport to do), which is the reason vaccines are administered, then doesn’t it makes sense the “vaccinated” children are protected and the “unvaccinated”children are at risk?

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Dehydration, Challenges & Solutions, Plus “Bottled Water” Revealed

We need clean body fluids! 70% body, 96% blood

Without pure water and lots of it, we cannot become pH balanced! 

Dehydration could be a major underlying reason for acidity. When you are dehydrated and not feeling well (sick and tired), there really isn’t anything that will improve your condition until you re-hydrate..

Most of us already know that our body is approximately 70% water, but we may not have made the leap that dehydration stems from us needing to replace the water we lose each day, through urination and perspiration, with clean pure water.  Our urine should be clear and without odor. The color (outside of vitamin discharge that happens when you don’t absorb the vitamins) determines the level of hydration, clear you are hydrated, after that you are in some state of dehydration, which is also why we need to maintain 70% water as a standard for ourselves.

Blood is or should be about 96% water. Our blood is our river of life, and our blood, just like a river, cannot flow throughout our body properly when the water is low (dehydrated), or when our water is not as clean as it needs to be for good health.

Your entire body depends on pure water, and that’s a challenge today. You see our body was designed to receive nutrition both from water and food. Withholding, or not ingesting enough water is detrimental, but so is ingesting degraded water. Pure water with nutrition (minerals) will be a neutral pH.

Solutions for Pure Drinking Water

Bottled water is becoming less and less of an option for many reasons. Water issues (even with city water): chemicals, pesticides, bacteria, nitrates, chlorine, pharmaceuticals, and the list goes on.

Below we’ll explain how to tell if you are dehydrated, but bottom line it’s a challenge to be fully hydrated without preparing at least some of our own beverages,  especially because most of the mainstream beverage and food choices are not rehydrating, not from pure water and whole food sources, and in fact, beverages like soda and coffee are dehydrating. Fresh food carries water (more…)

CNN’s “You Have Gerd” (acid reflux) presentation..”Quell the Angry Esophagus”

Acid reflux, or in this case, GERD (really bad acid reflux), can be painful, uncomfortable, irritating and annoying, just as  we know, and as the doc on CNN explains on his video. I like his idea of lifting one end of the bed so it’s more difficult for the acid to come up, however eliminating the acid sounds like a better plan to me.

From a natural health perspective you would look at the root issue “acidity”, and begin to resolve that with “alkalinity”, however that does not preclude targeting an issue say for example GERD or acid reflux. Targeting a symptom to resolve it or ease it up, is essential as you begin to get your body back into balance. Getting back into balance is the key, because once in balance symptoms begin to fall away.

Personally,  if I had acid reflux I’d opt for the simple remedy of taking a  teaspoon of Living Clay in 3-4 oz of water(tasteless essentially) stir until dissolved, and I’d drink it.

Why? Because Calcium bentonite (also known as montmorillonite) clay is a type of volcanic ash that has extraordinary absorption of acids and toxins. It first adsorbs, meaning attracts the acids/toxins, then absorbs, so essentially the clay acts like a sponge, not releasing the acidity but expelling it through normal elimination. Along the way it will do the same to the other toxins throughout the digestive and elimination systems.

Living Clay can be used in countless ways for many reasons. Primarily, and aside from the wonderful minerals, etc.,  it carries a very high negative charge, while acidity or toxins carry a strong positive charge. Thus, similar to how a magnet works, the two attract one another.

The powder form of this clay can be made into a paste (and it’s also available in paste and liquid form), added to liquids, etc., in fact I wrote a printable document explaining all the ways we use Living Clay, from sprains and strains, to back pain, neck pain, headaches, acne, skin conditions, detoxify baths/soaks, foot baths/soaks, all the way to thickening agent for (made at home) fresh salad dressing and more! PS Incredible facial and back mask!

So why wouldn’t someone try clay? Afterall we are made of the minerals of the earth and the waters of the ocean. Such a simple remedy, yet so effective it’s become an anchor not only as a target remedy  for many issues, but  truly foundational for pH balance and passive cleansing all year-long.

Lab Tested for purity.

White Vinegar: Laundry, Dishes, Total Bathroom

Vinegar and Baking Soda

Before we get to the Bathroom, let’s briefly review laundry and dishwashing (full text and other info in Laundry category):

Laundry: We’ve talked before about using white vinegar to soften your laundry, by simply adding it to your softener dispenser. (And 50/50 baking soda to soap, saves money by extending your natural laundry soap.)

A NEW LAUNDRY TIP will prevent those dreaded little dots of lint on your clothes! Add 1/4 – 1/2 cup of vinegar to your your tub of clothes (once tub is full of water).

Dishwasher – I’ve also shared that I fill my dishwasher dispenser (the one designated for “spot free” type products) with white vinegar. I keep on hand in a squeeze tip bottle (recycled hair color bottle works great) and add to my dishwasher in place of “spot free” type products every 3-4 wash cycles – works beautifully!

Now – Bathrooms!

Make your own air freshener and sparkle everything, from icky showerheads to really icky bathtubs, or shower door rails, even the toilet! It’s so cool, so easy, and so effective!


Air Freshener for bathroom – Find some very cute cosmetic type sprayers, then mix and pour into a sprayer container for each of your bathrooms, or kitchen and nursery, etc.: 1 teaspoon baking soda, 1 tablespoon white distilled vinegar, to each cup of pure water. You can add your favorite essential oils (I use peppermint and lavender together), 3- 5 drops per cup, shake and it will emusify (make up a quart or more so you have refills available).

General Cleaning – To remove grime, mildew, and scum and germs from the tub, tile, shower curtain or door, wipe with undiluted white distilled vinegar. Rinse with water.

Bathtub Really Icky? Kill the germs and get rid of stubborn bathtub film and whatnot stuff that accumulates, by spraying (saturating) entire tub with white distilled vinegar and then scouring with baking soda – I find if you wait about 30 minutes inbetween the vinegar and the baking soda it works really well! PS Scrubber – Sometimes I use a toilet brush, however you can also soak a friendly scrubby sponge or loofah overnight in a strong white distilled vinegar and water solution to remove dirt and slime. Last step after rinsing if you need extra gumption, pour hydrogen peroxide into your sprayer, or use a sponge, and saturate tub, let sit 30 minutes and rinse. AND when you are through don’t forget to rinse your loofah, scrubber, etc., several times with cold water and let air dry (in the sun if possible).

Shower door tracks gunky? Try filling them with white distilled vinegar, let sit for a few hours. (Lay down an old towel to catch moisture.) Pour hot water into the tracks and wash and scrub away the scum with a toothbrush.

Sparkle those scummy showerhead, pour 1/2 cup baking soda and 1 cup white distilled vinegar into a quart size sip clok or plastic bag and tie it around the showerhead so the head is completely covered.. Let this set for an hour. Once bubbling has ceased, remove the bag and then turn on the water.

Shower doorsBefore you shower, spray with full-strength white distilled vinegar. It will help release the hard water deposits so they don’t remain on the glass.

Toilet Bowl Sparkle! Pour in 1/4 cup of white vinegar, let sit overnight. Scrub well with the toilet brush and flush.

Bathroom Floors: Shine your no-wax vinyl or linoleum floor (ONLY, DO NOT USE FOR NATURAL STONE)  by cleaning it with a solution of one cup white distilled vinegar for every gallon of water.

Next segment will be on Kitchens and General Use around the house – standby!! Very fun stuff!

5 Stars To Essante Sanitizer … a Stain Remover

Could not believe my eyes. Paul had a sweater he pulled down from last winter’s stockpile. A beautiful baby blue and white stripe, a Christmas Gift I think. Anyway, low and behold a tea stain (or what looked to be a tea stain) right in front on the white part of the striping- the size of a silver dollar. Yikes, what to do.

Essante had just introduced their NEW Sanitizer (which is really an oxygen spray that you can use on your face as a toner (anti aging), on cuts, in the air to take out odors), and then of course on your hands, or surfaces, as  a quick and easy sanitizer. In fact I gave many of them away to the teachers this year as part of their stocking stuffer:) and of course, new moms for the diaper bags.

Anyway, digressing from the stain! I laid out the sweater, put a towel between layers and sprayed with the Essante Sanitizer – walked away, literally left it, came back and the stain had disappeared. I’m a believer!

Stabalized Oxygen works! I can tell you first hand it’s phenomenal on stains! That’s enough of a reason to buy it, but actually I also love to carry the 2 oz in my purse. With a 13 year old, 2 year old and 4 year old, life gets pretty dirty – lots of reasons to sanitze:)


Natural Laundry Soap & Laundry Softener

First, I didn’t wake up New Year’s Day thinking about laundry, but having clean clothes is a great way to begin the new year, doncha think? More to come about 2010, but for now…here’s the magic of how to turn dirty laundry into pHresh laundry, and (at some level) really enjoy it!!

It doesn’t matter at my house whether the clothes belong to my baby grandaughter or her 13 year old uncle (my son), everyone’s clothes are treated to the same clean, natural, pHresh, soft treatments!

Over the years I’ve perfected my laundry soap and softening to a fine art, LOL, well at the very least, soft clean clothes without static cling, colors which remain bright, and whites that are white without bleach!

Maraline’s Laundry Genie’s

My Laundry is Clean, my colors bright, my whites, white!

I use a 50/50 ratio (1/2 cup equivelant of each)  natural liquid laundry soap (your choice) and baking soda, with the following exceptions:

  1. Towels – 2/3 cup Baking Soda*, 1/3 cup equivalent natural laundry soap, plus 1/2 cup of Hydrogen Peroxide
  2. Fine fabrics – Baking Soda Only
  3. Whites – I add hydrogen peroxide* instead of bleach

My Laundry is Soft, Fresh & Lovely

I use white vinegar* (least expensive) as by base  fabric softener, I add  it to my dispenser (if you don’t have a dispenser, you may add to your dispensing ball). Optional of course, but when I have them, I use essential drops for that hint of scent. NOTE: If you love your softener, you can still use it, try 1/2 of what you normally use and fill the rest with white vinegar – keeps everything nice and clean in your washer as well!

  • Pour the vinegar* into a one quart squeeze bottle (or not), add essential oil drops (your choice, I use lemon, orange, lavender, and a variety of others, sometimes mixing many), until you can smell the heavenly scent through the vinegar.
  • Alternatively, soak a sponge in the vinegar/essential oil solution and squeeze back into the vinegar solution (which means you keep this in a covered tupperware container versus a squeeze bottle), and then toss damp sponge into the dryer for each load.

Maraline’s bonus hint for dishes – White vinegar works incredibly well in your dishwasher as a water softener and my glassware is spotfree.

Laundry Essentials – *Baking Soda, Vinegar, and Hydrogen Peroxide can be bought for pennies at the big box stores like Sams, Costco, sometimes Walmart, etc.

So clean laundry for the new year? Absolutely! Enjoy and take those saved dollars and replace all those lost socks, LOL!