Low Acid Coffee? Cold Brew & Reduce Acidity over 70%

pH Conversion: Keep your coffee, change how you brew it!

Cold Brew Coffee is a much better choice than buying low acid coffee! It’s all in the brew! So keep your favorite coffee, simply cold brew it!

Cold Brew reduces acidity 70% or more, and gives you a much smoother taste (bitterness from acidity)than traditional heat brew coffee!

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by Maraline Krey

We are a nation of people who love our coffee, so much so that many of us drink a lot of coffee. Unfortunately we feel the acidic side affects because it’s about the most acidic beverage we can drink. 

Cold Brew your coffee of choice and reduce the acidity 70% or more, enjoy a better tasting and much less acidic version through Cold Brew (also known as cold pressing).  

The heat process, or heat brew causes much of the acidity, and while cold brew takes about 12 hours, you end up with an incredible coffee concentrate, that when added to boiling water or cold water, tastes just like fresh brewed. The beauty is you can drink it to your own strength!  

To neutralize acidity it requires a 20:1 ratio of alkaline to acid, which means for heat brewed coffee (3pH or lower), that for every ounce of coffee you would need to (more…)