Alert: Monsanto’s Chemicals in bloodstream, plus free (download) Non-GMO Shopping Guide!

Non GMO ShoppingFrom the Organic Consumers Association:

On a 1 – 10 list, below are reasons “9 & 10” why you should require Genetically Modified Food be labeled as such (GMO), and why you should NOT eat conventional agricultural produce and processed foods:

#9 In the only human feeding study ever published on GMOs, Monsanto’s GMO “RoundUp Ready” soybeans were found to transfer Monsanto’s “RoundUp Ready” DNA to the bacteria living inside human intestines. (What percent of soybeans in U.S. are Genetically Modified and grown with pesticides and chemicals? Here’s the reference I found:  The United States (85%) and Argentina (98%) produce almost exclusively GM soybeans. In these countries, GM soybeans are approved without restrictions and are treated just like conventional soybeans.)

#10 According to Jeffrey Smith of the Institute for Responsible Technology, the transfer of Monsanto’s GMO Bt DNA to human digestive bacteria could create a “living pesticide factory” that could be responsible for the “increase in gastrointestinal problems, autoimmune diseases, food allergies, and childhood learning disorders – since 1996 when Bt crops came on the market.”

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Who owns which “organic” company, surprise!

Did you know M&Ms owns Seeds of Change, or that General Mills owns Cascadian Farms, Heinz owns 19.5% of Hain Celestial who owns organic company’s including Earth’s Best, Arrowhead Mills, Spectrum. Kraft owns Boca and Back to Nature, and Kellogg’s owns Morning Star, Kashi (yes Kashi), and Bear Naked!

Cornucopia Institute reveals who owns what on graphics which are easily and quicly understood. So many more big corporations own organic company’s than I would have imagined, plus you can also see a chart which reveals which organic companies have remained independent.

View Chart of Big Corporations and organic companies they own (opens new window)

View Chart of Independent Organic Companies (opens new window) 


Learn How To Purchase FOOD, brought to you by Robert Kenner, Author of ‘Fast Food Nation’

Robert’s work is to be admired, if just for his tenacity in completing his mission of bringing this information to each and every one of us.  Moreover because this trailer, this movie,  is inspirational in it’s openness about our need to learn more and more about where our food comes from. Most critical to the health of this nation is our food chain, our food choices – we can all become empowered about this, truly! 

Watch the trailer 

One question to the Director, and Author of Fast Food Nation: 

Q&A with Producer/Director Robert Kenner, Co-Producer/Food Expert Eric Schlosser, Food Expert Michael Pollan and Producer Elise Pearlstein

How many years did it take to do this film and what were the challenges?
Kenner: From when Eric and I began talking, about 6 or 7 years.  The film itself about 2 ½ years.  It has taken a lot longer than we expected because we were denied access to so many places. 

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