Update: H1N1 Vaccine Ingredients, CDC Now Recommends Flu Shots For Pregnant Women & 6 Month Old Babies

 Note: 10/10 Update posted at end of article.

What you really want to know BEFORE agreeing to the flu shot (especially babies and pregnant women)

First thing you should know is how the vaccine is purchased by your provider, which mfg they are using, and if they use single injections or buy multiple doses of H1N1. In many situations, this alone will tell you if there is Thimerosal (Mercury) in the vaccine, and you can look up the rest of the ingredients yourself – and please do!

Second thing you should know is that the manufacturers (big pharma) have ‘very clear instructions’ on their insert (that comes with the product) about what medical emergency staff should be on hand when people are given injections of H1N1. Read the pamphlet, ask for it.

Third thing you should know is the CDC recently voted to inject 6 month old babies and pregnant women, even though there is a significant difference of scientific opinion about who should receive the H1N1 Vaccine. At first it was only those over 18 years of age, yet now, it’s babies 6 mos old and pregnant women.

Gary Null says and no doubt I agree: “The recent unanimous 11-0 vote by the members of the Centers for Disease Control’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) favoring every American over the age of six months receive the flu influenza vaccine is one more attempt by our federal health officials to open up our bodies to the free market capitalism of pharmaceutical coffers. It is another step to mandate a vaccine across the nation, a policy that has many supporters in the pro-vaccine science community.”

Links to lots of references, how providers purchase H1N1, the injectable, and the nasal ingredients, plus the rest of the report follows…..hear from more experts like Dr. Elaina George, renown as “Doctor For Black America”, and Barbara  Loe Fisher  of NVIC with Dr. Mercola, and more from the Truther Girls and Gary Null. (more…)