Bill Gates openly discusses vaccines, global warming and the need for depopulation.

Sometimes people and their views are surprising, but when they have a lot of money to support those views it can be downright scary. Recently while repeatedly watching the Bill Gates presentation through TED, where he explains his support of planet depopulation, I have to say, I was dumbfounded with his position and his openness about depopulation.  He not only references vaccines and what is termed “good health care”,  but I also think you’ll agree if you listen closely to his reference to food, that he supports bigger, faster food (to feed more and more people), which could actually mean he supports genetically modified food, moreover Monsanto chemicals and pesticides.

When you hear stuff like this, it bears asking the question: “Is the life of one more important than the life of another, or is the comfort of many worth more than the life of one?” Throughout the TED presentation, I heard resolutions to an ever-growing population that requires depopulation among other things, and tools like vaccinations and “good” health care to ensure depopulation, which is something I’ve personally been concerned about for a very long time. WHAT I DIDN’T HEAR, WHAT WAS MISSING, was our humanity, our GOD and His instructions, the very miracle of our life, every life, or how we could help what is perceived to be a huge global issue, without damaging our souls.

In the process, I discovered this great resource, and what drew me into the website was not information I already know, or even the video they did to explain Mr. Gate’s deductions (which is extraordinary and worth the watch), but moreover, it is their humanity, their critical thinking, and the simplicity of their factual presentations, as well as the fact they don’t judge, but encourage research by sharing many high integrity resource websites about health, food, and vaccines. 

Video presentations: 1)Bill Gates at a recent TED conference, references having too many people among other thing as a destructive thing to the planet, and 2)TrutherGirls explaining the terminology and references in the presentation, as well as some background on Bill Gates, his website, and history of vaccine support.

  • Pay close attention to the formula or equation derived as a result of the premise that our planet needs to depopulate (for many reasons) by at least 1 billion people. Presently we are at 6 billion, and Bill Gates indicates we are quickly headed to 9 billion.
  • In the second video clip, TrutherGirls details how the background on the equation is somewhat convoluted. Also, in doing the calculations, the equation itself points to some very uncomfortable information about vaccines being used toward depopulation versus good health, as we have been led to believe. One example is a third world country where dehydrated children with diarrhea are targeted for vaccines, supposedly for health, however, pure water and good food may remedy the situation better. Another is that “good health care” as referenced by Bill Gates, really means abortion.

Clip 1  Rather than just excerpt, I felt it was important to provide the entire TED presentation. You however don’t have to listen to the entire presentation, but can fast forward to pertinent information (4.30) . Presentation centers on energy or Global Warming, and specifics in the presentation referencing  depopulation as part of the resolution, begins at 4:30 on the clip…”If we do a really good job on vaccines and health care we can lower (population) by 10-15%….”

Clip 2

Vaccines are linked to Autism by U.S. Vaccine Court


Does “The Buck Stop Here”? Are we over vaccinating our children? And more importantly, WHO pays the price?

Parents are awarded 1.5 million dollars as U.S. Vaccine Court finds that a number of vaccines given the same day resulted in an immediate reaction and an autistic diagnosis of their daughter!  To date this is the first Autism acknowledgement for parents in the U.S. Vaccine Court.  4800 legal cases actively pending to be heard.

This is a huge legal breakthrough for many reasons. First and foremost this should radically change how mainstream America views vaccines. And for those of us already researching, evaluating, and questioning not only the ingredients, but the number of vaccines, the purpose versus the harm, and long term, and sometimes permanent side affects, this case is landmark for public awareness.

You do have to wonder why this case is sealed, seems out of the ordinary, although this is the first WIN for the Plaintiffs, ever.  Now more than ever, it is up to parents to question, to seek information, ask what’s inside the vaccines, and also why infants and children today receive many more vaccines  than ever before. Learn about each and every vaccine BEFORE providing  permission.

Many integrated physicians (those medical doctors integrating holistic whole body care with traditional medical science) as well as  aware parents, are sifting and sorting,  rejecting some vaccines altogether, and/or refusing some and perhaps allowing others. Many are rejecting  the practice of multiple vaccines on the same day and are assuming the decision making of what, when, and how their children are vaccinated.

PUBLIC PERCEPTION is sometimes baffling, especially when I read on blogs of news stories about parents rejecting vaccines.  People write in they are fearful of having their children attend school with children who are not vaccinated, calling them an extreme health danger. But if vaccines protect us (do what they purport to do), which is the reason vaccines are administered, then doesn’t it makes sense the “vaccinated” children are protected and the “unvaccinated”children are at risk?

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